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France: a nationwide marketing activity…

A marketing strategy built on product adaptation…



The success of our company is linked to our business development philosophy: beyond products, we adapt our production at the request of our partners / customers. The technicality of our industrial tool is designed to offer the best reactivity on the entire production line.

Our company does not stop innovating, designing products inspired by market trends, popular colours and new materials. We listen attentively to our distributors and their customers, we offer constantly evolving furniture lines.

In order to provide our distributors with the maximum support for the marketing of our collections, we offer products in line with the demand for prices, quick response and delivery, sophisticated communication tools and partnerships.


Commercial assistant

France and DOM-TOM / 

Sales assistant (FRANCE)  :

Nathalie LEFEBVRE: 

03 25 92 37 02



After sales service


Marie-Thérèse PACQUETET: 

03 25 92 37 03

Shipping Department


Marie-Thérèse PACQUETET: 

03 25 92 37 03

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