SCIAE, constant innovation  

Located in the heart of the Champagne-Ardenne region (Dienville), the European Commercial and Industrial Furniture Company, began more than 60 years ago creating and manufacturing furniture.  Our company has kept production constantly updated with CNC machines, surface treatment chains and CAD etc  all fully automated and computerized manufacturing processes, which controls production and we can produce 1500 pieces of furniture a day. The finishing work is our principal goal, thus guaranteeing a quality production.

The competitive edge of SCIAE, is our capacity for innovation and design, combined with the control of production costs, the purchase of raw materials.  This is reflected and in the permanent investment in production (5% of turnover) and the continual search for new materials, these are our guarantees that our products are both well designed and good quality. This policy guarantees the durability and development of our company


Key figures:

  •  A 65,000 m² site for 32,000 m² of workshops and storage,

  •  A 750 m² Showroom and a 300 m² photo studio

  • Employees: 65 employees